My First Kiss

My First Kiss
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I guess if you’re reading this blog and you loved my book, you might want to know how I came to the point where I have been single for 9 years. It’s a long story, but I love to write and if you want to read, I’ll fill you in.

But let’s start at the beginning. I want to introduce you to my first boyfriend.

His name was Maurice. He was so nice to me. We met at Charles Drew Middle and we became friends. Then he told me he liked me. So then we started “going together.” =)

Then one day I told my Mama that I was going to the mall with my friend Meka, but really we picked him up and we all went to the mall. We went to the Omni and back then it was THE spot for teenagers in Miami.

So me and Maurice rode the carousel and we sat in the little carriage seat and he leaned over and he…kissed me.

And I liked it.

My first kiss. On the carousel. At the mall. I’ll never forget it. And him.

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