Maybe 3 Is Better

Maybe 3 Is Better
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So last night I went to hang out with a couple I met. He was very fine, very smart and really sweet. She was very fine, very smart and such a caretaker. I enjoyed myself all night long.

No, we didn’t do anything sexual but it got me to thinking that maybe I want to meet a nice couple to be with. That would be so cool. We could all hang out all the time and vibe and love on each other and take care of each other. It would be like an instant family.

But they would have to be really secure because I wouldn’t want my presence to cause any tension at all. They would need to know that I do not desire to OWN anyone or have either of them all to myself and my presence is merely a gift to their union and at any point I can walk away or be asked to leave and that would be fine with me.

It just, felt so good to have that masculine, playful energy and that sweet Southern lemme-take-care-of-you energy around at the same time.

It was awesome!

I felt like a princess. No one was arguing. Everyone was just vibing and hanging out and appreciating each other poolside.

Maybe, it’ll happen.

I’m open to that.

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