I Say NO To Love

I Say NO To Love
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It’s very rare that I actually try to make anyone stay in my life. These days I am so adept at pushing people away its almost like an instinct.

I do this for 4 reasons:

1) I don’t think anyone will ever understand me or appreciate me.

2) I am not interested in repeating the disgusting dating habits of my friends.

3) I feel like I can and will live my life happily as a single woman without all the stress I saw my friends go through as they clung to men hoping for love.

4) I never want to experience pain like the pain I experienced with my ex. I don’t expect anything different and have not experienced anything different.

When I read this book by Evan Marc Katz, it made me open my eyes a bit more. I mean, men that I wanted to love me NEVER loved me and after reading this I understood why. It still didn’t make me want to engage in a relationship but if you still have hope for love and you’re not understanding why you haven’t gotten it, I suggest you give Why He Disappeared! a quick read.

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