I Have A Secret

I Have A Secret
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There were other young men that I interacted with in highschool and I’ll share more of those stories later but I wanted to share this memory that haunts me to this day.

I’ve never written about it before. Wait, yes I have. I wrote about it in my highschool diary.

I wrote: I have a secret that I can never tell anyone. I’ll just get married, have kids and keep this to myself until I die.

The secret was…

Well, one day I was walking into school and I had to be about 15 at the time, but there was this girl walking in front of me and I couldn’t stop looking at her butt. As I was watching her walk by I thought to myself, “Damn I wanna touch it.”

I NEVER told anyone about that.

Until now….

It was then that I knew something wasn’t quite right about me but I just pushed it deep down inside myself and tried not to think about it again.

Even though I experimented a lot in college with women, it wasn’t until I was 30 years old that I met the first woman whose beauty blew me away and then I knew and I accepted that, yes, I am very much attracted to women.

Everything snowballed from there.

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