He Taught Me How To Chat

He Taught Me How To Chat
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His name was Michael.

I met him when I was a senior in high school. My best friend and I went to a concert one day and as we sweated outside with the crowd a man smiled at me and came over to dance. I danced with him. He was cute. Dark skinned, nice smile and he had on some fresh sneakers.

Unlike most women, I don’t like tall men so the fact that he was probably around 5’9″ really gave him an edge.

We lost track of time as we danced together and before we knew it, my BFF and I had missed the bus back. We didn’t know what to do, but Michael came to the rescue. He dropped us off down the street so we could pretend like we took the bus. =)

He called and called and I loved talking to him. He was older, in the military and set to go to Japan to serve. I went away to college but we kept in touch. He would send me gifts like silk robes and fans. I felt like that chick from the movie GREASE.

He was so nice to me and always so patient. He would write the sweetest love letters to me and send me pictures. But, I was busy doing my thing. I had a sweet thing in each city I would visit and as I took road trips, I would have a boyfriend in each city to pamper me.

But Michael didn’t give up. One day he was on leave and he came home to see his family. I made a trip to Miami to see him and I went with his family to the airport to pick him up. He was so happy to see me.

I remember sitting on his lap as he sat in front of the computer.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“This is called a chat room,” he said.

“What do you do?”

“Well, you type into the little box and say Hi and other people respond to you,” he explained.

“For real? Where are they?”

“They’re everywhere. All over the world. Go ahead and say Hi. They’ll talk back.”

My how the world has changed.

Wow. He was really good to me.

Why did I stop talking to him?

Oh yeah.

I had met my future Baby Daddy and I was intrigued.

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