about Te-Erika

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Te-Erika Patterson Hopelessly hopeless about love and life in general, Te-Erika Patterson still goes after her goals with gusto even if she doesn’t really believe she can attain them. Powerfully pessimistic and sour since her last relationship more than 13 years ago, Te-Erika doesn’t really believe she is from this planet, much less, that she can actually find someone to relate to.

This is why she can write openly about her life, exposing her flaws and laughing about the things she can not change, like her bad breath, disdain for socializing and incredibly horrible housekeeping skills.

Te-Erika has two sons and believes they are the only thing she has ever done right in this world. She is the creator of multiple online platforms and a contributor to many more. She enjoys creating content across a variety of mediums including The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, The Miami Herald. Forbes.Com and Entrepreneur.Com.

Te-Erika is an avid Youtuber, having created nearly 600 videos over 7 years on the platform. She currently manages content and writers for 4 blogs and consistently lives and breathes content creation and internet marketing.

You can find her on Twitter at @Te_Erika or on Facebook at the link in the sidebar.


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