A Regular Joe

A Regular Joe
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His name was Joe.

I met him when I was 12 at Yolanda Smith’s 13th birthday party. He was sitting in a chair in the corner and I sat down next to him. He looked over at me and said, “Aren’t you that girl on TV with the squeaky voice?”

I laughed. Yes, I was the girl at school who did the televised morning announcements. We became friends because he was going with either NeNe or Kinya and both of them were my friends.

We kept in touch through the years and when I was a candy striper at Jackson Hospital he came to visit me. We would sit and talk and talk and go visit the infant unit at the hospital to look at the newborns.

He was my friend. He still is.

Yes we tried to be together but by that time I was in full player mode and I didn’t respect our relationship. He got tired of this and left me alone, for a little while.

Joe is resourcesful, he is smart, he is handsome and he is such a good friend to me. To this day if I ever need ANYTHING I can call him and he’ll come. I love him in a way that overrides sex and age. I’ll always love him.

He’s married now and has two kids and I am blown away by the way that our friendship has transcended time.

I always knew I was too much for him and you know what- that was a good thing.

Friendships last longer than passion.

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